Sunday, April 17, 2011

Gun Shy

Netflix sez...
2000 R 103 minutes
Legendary DEA agent Charlie Mayough (Liam Neeson) turns to therapy as a last resort to salve his jangled nerves. Although he thinks retirement is the best option, he can't quit; he's taken on the biggest job of his career and needs to see it through to the end. Desperate, he relies on nurse Judy (Sandra Bullock) for support to get him through his crisis mode. Oliver Platt co-stars in writer Eric Blakeney's directorial debut.

The 73rd Virgin sez...
Starts promisingly with several very funny scenes with great dialog, and its nice to see Liam Neeson as something other than his sensei-of-the-month roles. Producer Bullock only shows up in a few scenes and is cute as a button, but her part doesn't make sense. How an enema tech winds up with a large apartment with a rooftop garden is not explained, and we dont ever know why she takes a patient home with her on their first meeting. If that were all that was wrong with the movie, it would be okay. But the scenes just get more and more random, the story loses its thread, the dialog gets less funny, and the ending is a stupid tacked-on caper film. Pretty disappointing. 2 stars out of 5.

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