Monday, June 20, 2011

The Fountain

Netflix sez... 2006 PG-13 96 minutes
In this sci-fi drama that spans a millennium, a man (Hugh Jackman) searches for a tree believed to grant eternal life in 16th-century Spain; seeks a cure for his wife's (Rachel Weisz) cancer as a present-day scientist; and traverses the universe as a 26th-century astronaut. As he travels through time in an epic struggle to save the woman he loves, he also comes to understand some of life's murkiest mysteries.
The 73rd Virgin sez...
The low average rating on Netflix and the unlikely sounding story left me surprised at how much I liked it. Yes, the middle story with the doctor working on his own wife in a futuristically lit dungeon that is supposed to be a hospital - I guess - was awfully stupid, and the weakest part of a weak story. But Weisz and especially Jackman are very affecting. Jackman just acts his tail off. Yes, he yells and sweeps his desk clean once too often.

Not too long and certainly a unique story. I may be embarrassed by this one later. Responding only on a form-over-substance level, I was reasonably moved.

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