Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Host

Netflix sez... 2006 R 119 minutes
In Seoul's River Han, a giant mutant creature has developed as a result of toxic chemical dumping. When the squidlike monster scoops up the teenage granddaughter of humble snack-bar owner Hie-bong (Hie-bong Byeon), he races to track down the murderous beast. With no help from the authorities, who are convinced the girl is already dead, Hie-bong and his family will have to band together to save her -- and possibly the entire city.

The 73rd Virgin sez... Solid special effects and good acting in what looked like was going to be a tired old mutant monster from toxic waste, etc. plot mode. But when the mutant monster goes tearing through sun-drenched holidayers, it gets quite a bit more interesting. Even more interesting when the dysfunctional family of a missing little girl engages in broad slapstick while trying to rescue her. Her father is a sleepy loser who scratches himself in inappropriate places, her uncle an angry college grad with no career, her aunt a painfully methodical Olympic archer who does everything, including running from cops and aiming at monsters, very slowly, and her loving but befuddled grandfather in charge.

All sorts of unusual plot devices and humor and horror until a poignant, and rather surprising end. Fine monster flick.

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